How To Change Hair Color On TikTok

Tiktok app is very popular right now. Many people make posts on TikTok, there are also many artists who have TikTok accounts and often post their videos on TikTok such as Gisella Anastasya, Nia Ramadhani and many other artists. Tiktok is getting more popular indeed because it is supported by editing features which are updated every time. In TikTok we can make short videos with cool editing features, such as adding sound/music features, stickers, text, timers, cool filters, slow motion features and cool effects that you can use.

One of the recently popular effects is the hair effect. In the hair effects menu there are some cool effects that can make us change our hair color quickly and easily. You can change your hair color without having to go to a salon and dye your hair first. There are so many colors available, such as blue, brown, mixed colors and many more and the results are good when applied and can make you look like you are wearing real hair dye. Shoot your video in a bright place for a cooler hair color.

How To Change Hair Color On TikTok

If you want to try how to change hair color on TikTok then you can see the information as follows.

1. Please go to TikTok and make a new video as usual

2. Tap on the effects section

How To Change Hair Color On TikTok 1

3. Choose Hair

4. Now there you can choose a hair color effect as shown in the image below

How To Change Hair Color On TikTok 2

5. You just choose the hair color

6. Point the camera at your face

How To Change Hair Color On TikTok 3

7. Then your hair color will automatically change according to the effect you have chosen.

8. If it’s like this, you can make videos on TikTok with cool hair colors

So that’s how to change hair color on TikTok easily in just a few seconds. That’s all and thank you good luck

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