How to Overcome Need Action on Google Account

If you log in using a Google account on multiple devices, there will be a warning when you change the settings in that account on other devices. As in this case, maybe you’ve experienced a “Required Account Action” notification on your Android phone and the warning doesn’t go away even if you try to delete the notification. There are several reasons why the notification appears on your phone. The first notification appears because your Google account has been deleted on another device. So if you login using the same account on another device then there will be a notification like that on the other device. In addition, the warning that action is needed on this account also occurs because we have changed the password from our Google account, so if you log in using the same Google account on more than 1 device, there will be a warning like that. So how do you solve the problem of needing action on this account? Stay with us, you will find the answer here.

How To Overcome Need Action On Google Account

For users who want to try how to overcome need action on Google account then you can see the tutorial below.

1. The first step, please tap on the notification that requires action on the account.

How to Overcome Need Action on Google Account 1

2. After that you have to verify your Google account by logging back in and entering the password from your Google account, login as usual.

How to Overcome Need Action on Google Account 2

3. Done, if you have successfully logged in, the warning that requires action on the account has disappeared.

So that’s how to solve the need for action on a Google account, I hope this tutorial is useful and good luck.

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