How To Root Oppo N3 Without Computer

How To Root Oppo N3 Without Computer
How To Root Oppo N3 Without Computer. Oppo N3 is a high-range android smartphone that runs on Android 4.4 Kitkat and powered with an Octa-core processor. The smartphone is supported with a 2GB RAM and a 32GB internal memory.

Today we are talk or guide about rooting; which will give you full access to your smartphone, you can flash a TWRP, install Custom ROMs and tweaks, install Apps which need root access and a lot more. The rooting method is very easy, just follow the simple steps written below and you’ll be able to gain root in your Oppo N3.

Advantages of Rooting an Android Phone.

  1. Customization: Well, once you have rooted your Android device you can make it look like the way you want. There are many xposed modules available to take the word “customization” to the next level.
  2. Custom Roms: Number 1 reason why most of the people root Android device is the installation of custom ROMs.Yes, custom ROMs are an excellent way of testing latest Android version even if your device not received any latest update.
  3. CPU clocking: We can clock the CPU according to our usages. Decreasing the CPU frequency can lead to expanded battery backup. Kernel Auditor is the app to perform CPU clocking.
  4. Ad Blocking: I know that irritation while browsing sites or running apps pop-ups kill our feelings. It’s not a problem for rooted Androids because of good ad blockers are available to block all types of ads.
  5. Jaw dropping battery backup and speed: Battery backup is one of the important factors that push people to root their Android devices. We can use apps like Greenify to kill background apps, which results in the better backup.
  6. Removing Bloatware: Smartphones brands are very curious about their marketing strategies. Without thinking about user experience, they fill the devices with a lot of dumb apps. There are many apps for rooted devices to remove these apps.

Disadvantages of Rooting Android phones.

  1. Rooting voids Warranty: Most of the brands does not allow rooting and voids warranty after getting root access. So you should confirm with your phone’s customer support.
  2. Update interruptions: Majority of users who root their Android phones face the problem of automatic updates. In this case, you will not get official updates; you need to update your device manually.
  3. Ad blocking: Well it’s indirectly a disadvantage because the owner of app or website is making money with the ads, which helps him to grow more. It is a good idea to compromise a bit and allow ads to support publishers.
  4. Security issues: Rooting Android device means losing higher security. You need to pay attention before using banking apps. The reason behind it is that root apps does not ensure the safety instead they open gates for hackers.

Tutorial Root OPPO N3 Without Computer

  1. Download and install Oppo Tools on your device
  2. Run Oppo tools
  3. There is some options tab (Tools, Common and Flash), tap at Common
  4. In Common option select Root, Oppo tools will ask you to install OppoToolsPugin application, tap on button to install
  5. After installation, Open it, and click One Key Root
    oppo root tools2
  6. Wait until root process finish

So now you know how to root Oppo N3 and you have successfully rooted your device.If you are having any problems rooting and have any doubts regarding the rooting tutorial fee free to ask in comments.