How To Root ZTE Blade L3 Without PC

Why would you want to root your Android device? Rooting gives you the ability to fully customize your phone with custom ROMs, skins and gain more control over the device. You can even boost your Android battery performance. The ZTE Blade L3 has a reasonable amount of Bloatware, (such as Google Play Books and Hangout) that can be only be removed with root access. If you don’t want to use a computer to root your phone, you can use the utility app KingRoot to root your phone.

Be aware that these methods for rooting will also void the warranty, meaning you won’t be able to take the device for factory-authorized service if it has issues in the future. If you’re struggling to decide whether to root your device or not, check the next section for more information.

ZTE Blade L3


  1. Make sure you have fully charged your ZTE Blade L3 or at least up to 60% of the battery.
  2. Before we begin with this tutorial, make sure you are on Android 5.0.2 Lollipop firmware.

Rooting ZTE Blade L3 Without PC

  1. Download Kingroot and install it just like you would any other application.
  2. Open the app from the app draw and Tap the blue TRY TO ROOT or START ROOT button found at the bottom of the screen. (At this time enable the wifi or data connection to connect the app to the development server)
  3. KingRoot will start the rooting process.
  4. You should see a big green check mark when completed. This means that the Blade L3 is now rooted.
  5. Now that you are finished, Your device should now be rooted with Kingroot access. As with before, you can find out if the root has been successful by using an app such as Root Checker.

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