How To Video Call On FaceBook Messenger Using Filters

Like in Whatsapp, in messenger there is also a video call feature, where you can communicate with your friends directly face to face.

When you make a video call, your face will be clearly visible to the person you are talking to, so if you are a person who is less confident when making video calls on messenger, you can use the filter feature in video call messengers easily.

Messenger already has a filter / effect feature for your face, there are lots of effects that you can choose from, whether it’s a filter to make your face more beautiful / handsome and there is also a filter with a funny shape for your face.

In addition to the effects feature for private video calls, there are also filters for groups, where when making a group video call, everyone who makes a video call will be able to use the effects available on messenger.

Besides having effects for private and group video calls, there is also a background filter, where you can change the background of your video call location to make it look more interesting and not boring.

Then how to use it? Let’s see below in full.

Video Call On FaceBook Messenger Using Filters

If you intend to follow the video call method on Facebook Messenger using filters, then you can see the tutorial as follows.

Step 1: Please make a video call as usual on messenger.

How To Video Call On FaceBook Messenger Using Filters 1

Step 2: Then please select the filter menu at the bottom.

How To Video Call On FaceBook Messenger Using Filters 2

Step 3: You can choose effects and you can also choose beautification to make your face smoother.

How To Video Call On FaceBook Messenger Using Filters 3

Step 4: Please select the effect you want to use.

So that’s how to video call on fb messenger using filters, hopefully this tutorial is useful and good luck.

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