How To Root Zte v811 Without PC

How To Root Zte v811 Without PC 1
Zte v811 received several root solutions by now though so far it seems that all these root methods aren’t compatible with all the Zte v811 models. Now, if you own the Zte v811 then you should know that a new one click root solution has been made available for your smartphone.

In that respect I am going to show you how to gain root access on your device by using a new Kingroot exploit developed by king studio (we must thank them for this new root opportunity) which will act as a one-click-root solution. Thus, this tutorial can be safely used by a newbie or by the users who are on their first root attempt.

With root access ensured you can install various custom apps, removing the bloatware, overclocking the CPU frequency, installing a custom recovery image, flashing a custom ROM firmware (such as Cyanogen, SLIM ROM or Paranoid Android), applying a custom kernel and so on.

Method 1: Root Zte v811 Using Kingroot

  1. Enter your phone’s browser:
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  2. Install Kingroot. This can be done through..”Unknown Sources“ under Menu -> Settings -> Applications).
    How To Root Zte v811 Without Computer
  3. If your phone is unrooted, you can see the prompt saying that “Root access is unavailable“. Then click the button “START ROOT“.
  4. It will take some time to root the phone.
  5. When rooting, you can view the progress. When it is done, you will see the big green tick icon.
    How To Root Zte v811 PlusWithout Computer
  6. You have now succesfully Rooted your Zte v811. Check out for an application in your application drawer with the name as KingUser.

Method 2: Root Zte v811 Using Kingo root

  1. You can visit APK Root for Android on your mobile and download the file on your Zte v811.
    How To Root Zte v811 Without Computer
  2. Install KingoRoot.apk on your device. If you didn’t check “Unknown Sources” in Settings > Security, then during installation, you will get a prompt “Install blocked“, stating that “For security, your phone is set to block installation of apps obtained from unknown sources”.
    How To Root Zte v811 Without Computer
  3. Just follow phone instructions and install Kingo Root on your device and allow installs from “Unknown Sources“.
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  4. Launch “Kingo ROOT” app and Click “One Click Root” to start the rooting process.
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  5. Waiting for a few seconds till the result screen appear. If rooting is successful, you’ll get a Root Succeeded! message.

Good work. You have successfully rooted your Zte v811. Thus, you can now begin other dedicated tweaking operations in order to improve the performance of your device. Do share all your plans with us and if you need our further assistance don’t hesitate and contact us by using the comments field from down below. Also, don’t forget to let us know how things worked for you while applying the steps from above.