How to Change WhatsApp Chat Bubble on Xiaomi

In the original WhatsApp, until now there is no theme feature so we can’t change the appearance of our WhatsApp. Usually we have to use modified Whatsapp apps such as GBWhatsapp, FMWhatsapp and so on in order to change the appearance of our WhatsApp to be cooler.

For Xiaomi smartphone users, you can change the appearance of your smartphone to be cooler because it has provided a lot of themes for Xiaomi smartphones that you can get for free with a super cool look. Among the various themes on Xiaomi phones, there are themes that have penetrated all apps, including the Whatsapp app. Now we can use and take advantage of existing themes on Xiaomi phones to change our Whatsapp theme by choosing a theme that has been through Whatsapp and can change the appearance of our Whatsapp as well.

Well this time I will try to share how to change our Whatsapp chat bubble to be cooler by using the themes on Xiaomi phones, of course this method only works for Xiaomi smartphones, friends, especially Xiaomi MIUI 11. So you don’t have to use the Whatsapp mod app , just use the Official app from Play Store to change the look of your Whatsapp to make it cooler. Read more below.

How to Change the Original WhatsApp Chat Bubble

For those of you who intend to follow how to change the original Whatsapp chat bubble then you can see the tutorial as follows.

1. Please open the default theme app from Xiaomi.

2. Write in the search box the name of the theme Smoothy Yellow v11.

How to Change WhatsApp Chat Bubble on Xiaomi 1

3. If you don’t find this theme in the Indonesian region, you can change the region of your Xiaomi smartphone to the India region, how to see in the following article How to Change the Xiaomi Region to Download Themes

4. If the theme has been found, please tap Free to start downloading the theme.

5. Tap Apply to apply the theme

How to Change WhatsApp Chat Bubble on Xiaomi 2

6. Done, and the appearance of Whatsapp is like this friend, the following chat bubbles will also automatically change to be cooler

How to Change WhatsApp Chat Bubble on Xiaomi 3

How to Change WhatsApp Chat Bubble on Xiaomi 4

So that’s how to Change Official WhatsApp Chat Bubbles easily and quickly using themes on Xiaomi phones. Hopefully it’s useful and don’t forget to like and share this article to make it more useful

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