How to Overcome Anime Effect Not In Capcut

Some time ago there was a viral app from China that could turn our photos into anime in just one click, and the results were very nice and neat.

Along with the development of time, there are now many apps on the Play Store that you can use to edit your photos into anime in an instant. These apps include snow, b612, meitu and the newest one is the capcut app.

The app, which was previously named via maker, has released the latest version, which includes adding anime features in its menu.

This anime feature can be used to turn our photos into anime in one click. The results of the edits in Capcut are also very good and do not disappoint when compared to the results of editing anime photos in Snow or B612.

But unfortunately not all smartphones can use this effect in capcut, many even complain if on their phones they can’t use anime effects because they are not available / not in the menu.

When I try it on my phone with high specifications the anime effect appears when it’s finished installing, but when I try to install capcut on a low specification phone the anime effect doesn’t appear but don’t worry because I have a way to bring up anime effects that are not in capcut.

How to? see below.

How to Overcome the Anime Effect Not In Capcut

For those of you who intend to follow how to overcome the anime effect not in capcut then you can see the guide below.

1. If after installing capcut there is no anime effect, please just tap home on your smartphone.

2. After that tap on the recent app section.

3. Close the capcut app, or you can also clean all open apps in the recent app.

How to Overcome Anime Effect Not In Capcut 1

4. After that, please reopen the capcut.

5. Done, then the anime effect will be directly on your phone.

For those who are not clear, you can see the tutorial on how to bring up anime effects on my youtube channel.

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