How to show hidden files on Realme

On Realme smartphones we can hide secret files such as private photos and private videos without having to use any additional apps. With just one tap, you can hide these files so they can’t be opened and accessed by anyone other than yourself. But sometimes there are also new Realme smartphone users who accidentally press the set as private button on their photos and videos so that the photo and video files disappear from the gallery and want to return them back to the phone gallery. Actually this method is very easy, but maybe not all Realme smartphone users can do this. Now in this article, I will discuss how to show hidden photo and video files on Realme phones and return them to the Realme smartphone gallery. How to? Read on to find out.

How to show hidden files on a Realme

For those of you who are curious about how to show hidden files on a Realme then you can see the guide as follows.

1. The first step, please enter the settings menu.

2. Then enter the Fingerprint, Face and Password menu.

How to show hidden files on Realme 1

3. Tap Privacy Password.

How to show hidden files on Realme 2

4. Enter the password on your lock screen.

5. Tap Personal Safe.

How to show hidden files on Realme 3

6. Enter your personal password again.

7. Then please select what files you want to view / restore, it can be photos, audio, documents and others.

8. Now in your personal files you can see hidden files on Realme phones. You can also restore the hidden file to your smartphone gallery so that it can look like usual. .

So that’s how to show hidden files on a Realme phone, hopefully it’s useful.

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