How to Stabilize Video on Samsung Phones Without Additional Apps

To make videos that attract viewers, be it on YouTube or anywhere else, of course, the quality of our videos must be good, not blurry and stable or not wobbling when taking pictures. Because videos that are not of good quality will not be noticed by the audience. So to make our videos stable when shooting, we need a stabilizer or gimbal or we can edit them first in video editor apps like Adobe Premiere and so on. But what if we don’t have these tools? For users of Samsung smartphones, especially the latest outputs like the Samsung A51, you can already stabilize videos on your phone directly from the camera app, No need to use any additional apps, such as Google Photos, Capcut, etc., you can stabilize videos with super stable features in the camera app. Samsung. The resulting image is very good and stable, minimal vibration. And it will definitely make your video more interesting. Then how? Stay with us, you will find the answer here.

How to Stabilize Video on Samsung Phones Without Additional Apps

For those of you who intend to follow how to stabilize video on Samsung phones without additional apps then you can see the guide as follows.

1. For Samsung A51 smartphone users, you can just enter the Samsung default camera app.

2. Tap on the Videos section.

3. Then just activate the super stable feature as below.

How to Stabilize Video on Samsung Phones Without Additional Apps 1

4. After the feature is active, then you can just take a picture by tapping on the record icon.

Done, then later the results of shooting the video will be more stable and minimal vibration. So that’s how to stabilize videos on a Samsung phone without additional apps, hopefully it’s useful and good luck.

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