How To Unlock The Moto G XT1033 / XT1032 Bootloader

If you are looking to root Motorola Moto G then the first thing you will need to do is actually unlock the bootloader. Motorola, by default, lock down the bootloader to avoid tampering with system software that may permanently damage the phone if used incorrectly.

Keep In mind that unlocking the bootloader of your device will void its warranty.


  1. Make sure the device is fully charged, anything beyond the 80% mark is good.
  2. Don’t forget to backup the Moto G data. Even though it is unlikely to lose something by applying this guide, the best will be to save everything that’s there on the internal storage memory of your phone. Else you might end up in losing your contacts, messages, call logs, market apps, personal info and accounts and everything else it’s important to you.

Guide How To Unlock Bootloader on Motorola Moto G

  1. You must Enable “Developer options” in your phone by tapping 5 or 6 times on the Build number in Settings >> About phone. Hit back once and choose Developer options; check the box for USB debugging.
  2. Download the minimal ADB and Fastboot and install the program on the computer.
  3. In the command window, type the following;
    adb reboot bootloader
  4. Press Enter
    adb reboot bootloader
  5. This will reboot your device into bootloader mode
  6. Type the second command:
    fastboot oem get_unlock_data
  7. And Press Enter
    adb fastboot oem
  8. You will see a long string of code on the display.
  9. Right-click the mouse and select “Mark” to copy that code. You want to copy the strong code only which is to the right of where it says .
    How To Unlock The Moto G XT1033 / XT1032 Bootloader 1
  10. Select this unclock code and click “Enter” to copy this entire code
    How To Unlock The Moto G XT1033 / XT1032 Bootloader 2
  11. Paste the code in Notepad.
  12. Go to the beginning of line 2 and press backspace to join it with the first line. Do that with all lines so the code is joined entirely.
    How To Unlock The Moto G XT1033 / XT1032 Bootloader 3
  13. Next step Now move on to the Motorola Unlocking Bootloader page.
  14. Continue to sign in to your Motorola account, or If you activated your device with a Google account, sign in with that same account.
  15. You need to paste this code on 6th step. And click the “Can my device be unlocked?”.
    paste code here
  16. Select “I agree” and Press the “request unlock key” button
    request unlock key
  17. Check youe Email. You will get a 20 digit code in your mail.
    How To Unlock The Moto G XT1033 / XT1032 Bootloader 4
  18. Copy that code and paste in the command prompt opened as mentioned below and “Enter”.
    fastboot oem unlock your unique code

    paste unique code