How To Unpack And Repack Boot.img Qualcomm

In this tutorial i will show you how to port a boot.img to your phone in a few simple and easy steps. To Port a kernel using this tool just Unpack both port and stock boot.img.

Guide Easily Port Boot.img From Qualcomm

  1. Download this file and extract to your PC Windows
  2. port boot img
    Drag and drop port boot.img to unpackimg.bat
  3. Rename folder to port-ramdisk and port-split_img
  4. Unpack stock boot.img
  5. remove folder ramdisk and rename port-ramdisk to ramdisk
  6. click repacking.bat and and the ported boot.img will be named image-new.img.

There are also a lot of other things you can edit in the ramdisk, but they require a bit more advanced knowledge, so we won’t talk about them here.