Three Ways To Reset Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) Lock Screen, Hard and Factory Reset

There are a variety of reasons why you may need to factory reset your Samsung J3 (2016). You installed too many apps and just need to start clean. You may also be selling your smartphone or fixing some other problem. So, today, we will explore how we can perform a factory reset of Galaxy J3 (2016).

The Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) has come with a 5inch Super Amoled display with a high resolution of 720 x 1280 pixels. It has a pixel density is around 294 ppi that define sharpness in the vision. The mid-range device features a stylish aspect ratio of 16:9 that will take the HD experience to another level.

The device runs on Android 5.0 Lollipop OS with Touchwiz UI. It is powered by Quad-Core processor with clock speed of 1.5 GHz respectively. The processors are set upon the SC9830A chipset aided by a 1.5GB ram and ARM Mali-400MP2 GPU that will give a seamless performance.

Whether your Samsung J3 (2016) freezes, apps crash, or you want to give the device to someone else, you should know how to reset it using various methods. Essentially, the choice depends on whether you want to wipe away the content and settings or not.

[box type=”info” align=”” class=”” width=””]Performing a reset will permanently delete all user data on the smartphone. Be sure to back up your data before performing a Factory or Hard Reset. If you want to reset your phone to factory default settings, ensure that you know your Google account login credentials as you will need it to log in once you have reset your device.[/box]

Hard Reset Samsung J3 (2016) from Recovery

If the factory reset method isn’t working for you or you can’t access the Settings Menu, there’s another way to reset the device; using the recovery mode.

  1. Shut down your Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) completely by pressing the Power button.
  2. Press and hold the Power, Volume Up, and Home buttons until you see the Galaxy J3 (2016) logo.
  3. Wait a few seconds.
  4. Navigate with the volume buttons to Wipe data / factory reset and confirm with the Power button.
  5. Navigate to Yes and confirm with the Power button.
  6. Allow several seconds for the factory data reset to complete.
  7. Your Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) will now reset.

Factory Reset Samsung J3 (2016)

  1. Go to the Home screen and choose ‘Appsʼ.
  2. Choose ‘Settingsʼ.
  3. Scroll down and touch Backup and reset.
  4. Choose “RESET DEVICE”.
  5. Then hit the Erase everything button.
  6. All data and settings saved on the phone will be deleted.
  7. The Samsung J3 (2016) will automatically reset and reboot.

Reset Lock Screen Pin / Pattern / Password Samsung J3 (2016)

If you’ve forgotten or lost your screen lock pin, pattern, password, and fingerprint, you can try hard resetting the Samsung J3 (2016). If you’re still unsuccessful after several attempts, the only way to unlock your device is to reset via Samsung or Google find my device.

You’ll need your Samsung or Google Account credentials and the phone will need to be connected to the internet for the prompt to send to the phone.

Unlock Screen via Google Find My Device

  • Visit and then log in with your Google Account and password.
  • Choose the Galaxy J3 (2016) from the top left hand corner of the menu.
  • Select the ˊErase Dataˋ option from the action menu.
  • Select ‘Erase Deviceʼ to confirm.
  • Enter your Google Account password to reset the phone.

Reset Lock Screen use Samsung Find My Mobile

  • Visit Find My Mobile and then log in with your Samsung Account ID and password.
  • Select the Galaxy J3 (2016) from the menu on the left.
  • Choose the ‘Erase Deviceʼ option from below the device information.
  • Select the “Erase” button on the popup.
  • Enter your Samsung Account password to confirm and send the task to your phone.

Wrapping Up

The Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) comes with an impressive camera and beautiful display design. The processor is well enough for the operation task. The battery backup is an added advantage, which gives uninterrupted entertainment.

Most of the problems that the Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) has, although not listed above, can usually be fixed by reset. Check out some tips and tricks such as how to update Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) which will be coming soon.