Resurrection Remix v6.0 Based Android Oreo For HTC One (M8)

If you want to take your HTC One (M8) into the modern era with a relatively newer version of Android, the storm will help you get there. The ROM is based on Android 8.1 so a lot of new features will be available on your slightly aging device. From what I’ve researched, this is a highly stable ROM that brings in a lot of new features to the hardware.

The developers over at XDA Forums BDogg718, have already uploaded an LineageOS based Custom ROM for the device. More to the surprise, the Custom ROM is everyone’s favorite and the one with the most functionality, Resurrection Remix. The Custom ROM is based on Android Oreo 8.1 and it offers a near stock Android experience.

Resurrection Remix for HTC One (M8) comes with a lot of essential features like Lockscreen and quick settings customizations, status bar icons and useful gestures. If you are new to the world of Custom ROMs, then you can begin your journey with Resurrection Remix since it gives you the feel of using the purest form of Android with no unnecessary apps or features. If you want to customize your phone in every possible way but also want a ROM as a daily driver, then this is a perfect choice.

RR ROM Oreo HTC One m8

Charge your device up to at least 50% before starting the procedure. It’s not a set rule but better safe than sorry.
Backup all your important data to your SD Card or PC.
Make sure you have root access and TWRP recovery already installed. If not, you can take a look here.

How to install Android Oreo 8.1 Resurrection Remix v6 ROM on HTC One M8

  1. Download the necessary Resurrection ROM from this link.
  2. Copy the downloaded ROM and Google apps (Gapps) zip files to the phone’s SD card.
  3. Power off your HTC One and boot it into TWRP mode by pressing and holding Volume Down and Power buttons until the recovery screen comes up.
  4. Once entering the TWRP settings menu, clear the phone’s memory (full) by selecting ‘Wipe‘ option. Once done, select – ‘Swipe to Factory Reset‘ perform factory reset
  5. Return to TWRP settings and and hit the Install button by the selecting file in the phone’s memory downloaded from PC
  6. Come back to TWRP menu setting to approve the installation by tapping ‘Swipe to Confirm Flash
  7. Flashing of the custom ROM begins and after few minutes, a message ‘Successful‘ appears on the screen, thus completing installation.
  8. Wait until the ROM installation is complete, and then flash Gapps
  9. After flashing Gapps, your HTC One will reboot automatically into the newly installed firmware.

The initial boot might take some time, so don’t panic. Once the boot process is complete you can now start using your HTC One (M8) running Resurrection Remix based on Android Oreo 8.1. If you have any doubts regarding the process, comment below. You can also participate in the discussion at the ROM Forum at XDA here.