Easy Root ZTE Warp Sync Without Computer

Easy Root ZTE Warp Sync Without Computer
ZTE Warp Sync is an Awesome touch screen mobile which supports both 3G and 4G network. It has an 8 MegaPixel back camera with auto focus and geo tagging. This phone also has 1.6 MegaPixel secondary camera too. It comes with 2 GB RAM and 8 GB Internal Storage. However we can expand up to 32 GB via Micro SD card. It comes with Android operating system 4.4.2 Kitkat and upgradable to 5.0 Lollipop.

It probably goes without saying that there will be more rooting methods to follow since this is a relatively new phone. Nonetheless, it’s always better to be the first among your friends to gain access to your new phone at the deepest level. If instead you have reached a point where you are stuck or your Warp Sync is rebooting repeatedly, try going through the steps again one more time. If it still won’t work, consider flashing the stock image for your Warp Sync.

If you’re looking for the perfect tutorial on how to root your ZTE Warp Sync, then we’ll be showing it to you today. Today we are here with a detailed tutorial to root your smartphone.

Before actually proceeding into the rooting guide, we would like to provide you some important warning messages, regarding rooting and it’s consequences:

  1. Rooting your Android Smartphone will void your warranty. And hence, you’ll get no warranty benefits if you rooting ZTE Warp Sync.

KingRoot is one of the best apps to try and gain root access on your Android device. The app works as a standalone app on your Android device and you don’t even need a computer for the app to work. KingRoot always comes first in my list of apps if I have to gain root access and that’s mainly because of its ease of use. You download the APK file on your device, install it and then run the rooting module.

Root ZTE Warp Sync Using Kingroot

  1. Enter your phone’s browser: kingroot.net.
    How To Root ZTE Warp Sync Without Computer
  2. Install Kingroot. This can be done through..”Unknown Sources“ under Menu -> Settings -> Applications).
    How To Root ZTE Warp Sync Without Computer
  3. If your phone is unrooted, you can see the prompt saying that “Root access is unavailable“. Then click the button “START ROOT“.
  4. It will take some time to root the phone.
  5. When rooting, you can view the progress. When it is done, you will see the big green tick icon.
    How To Root ZTE Warp Sync PlusWithout Computer
  6. You have now succesfully Rooted your ZTE Warp Sync. Check out for an application in your application drawer with the name as KingUser.

And finally, you have successfully rooted your ZTE Warp Sync Smartphone.

This is the easiest and the most convenient method to root a ZTE Warp Sync. As I said in the beginning, if you feel confused in any step, please leave a comment below!