How To Fix Huawei GX8 Bootloop

Normally, Huawei’s Android phones are secure to flash, but if you are you are unlucky and got your Huawei GX8 phone bootloop during flashing, rooting or upgrading or any other unofficial operation, there is no reason to panic as we will be checking on how to fix bootloop your Android smartphone!

Bootloop is a malfunctions due to a software error and it doesn’t power up at all, gets stuck in a boot loop, or can’t enter recovery mode. We have more than one solution for soft bricking, so there is no reason to be worried;

So if you can still bootloop your Huawei GX8 even if you haven’t performed any unofficial operation, so before showing you how to unbrick it, there is something else that we want to be clear about:

Preparatory steps:

  1. Format the Micro SD card (This operation is optional).
  2. make sure that the Micro SD card is available with enough free space 4GB or more should be available.
  3. make sure that the power of the battery is enough to run the Upgrade process. It is recommended that the power of the battery is more than 50%.
  4. This operations will erase all user data. You should backup all important data on an external SD card

How To Fix Huawei GX8 Stuck In A Boot Loop

  1. Download Huawei GX8 Firmware and extract this file
  2. Copy the entire dload folder (with UPDATE.APP in it) to the root directory of the Micro SD card.
  3. Make sure your handset is power off.
  4. Insert the Micro SD card into the handset.
  5. Press the VOLUME UP and VOLUME DOWN key, and then press the POWER key to power on the phone and enter the Software Upgrade Mode.
  6. When the progress bar stops, the phone will automatically power OFF.
  7. Press POWER key to get the Device POWER ON.