How To Extract UPDATE.APP (Huawei Firmware)

The UPDATE.APP file is associated with Google Android smart phones developed by Huawei, The UPDATE.APP file stores archive that contains updated firmware data and *.img file. If you’re an phone modder, haxxor, or just an enthusiast that has access to their phone’s UPDATE.APP file and would like to have a copy of the actual partitions stored within, this will let you.

Huawei Update Extractor are easily extractable, as there is software available currently for that but until today there was none (to my knowledge) for these UPDATE.APP files.

How do I use this?

  • Extract the content of the zip to a folder somewhere on your PC.
  • Execute Setup.exe
  • Press the browse (…) button and select an file. Select a device or unknown and press on the open button.
  • You’ll see the content of the file in the listview.
    huawei extractor
  • Select one or more files and right click. Choose Extract selected from the context menu.
  • Choose the ouput folder and press OK. Or just right click on the list and select Extract all, choose the output folder again and press OK.
  • Press close on the extract window.

Where can I download this?
Huawei Update Extractor [UPDATED: v0.9.9.3] by worstenbrood

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13 thoughts on “How To Extract UPDATE.APP (Huawei Firmware)”

  1. Im trying to flash my y625-U21 with twrp but everytime i try it fails. Ever since i factory resetted my phone it comes up with no mounted data or something like that.

  2. Please where can I download the huawei g610-t11 stock recovery.img. please help me I really need to update my firmware.

  3. how do i flash my hauwei p8 lite europe dual sim ale l21?i have downloaded the firmware..etc but i dont know what next to do..the phone is not turning on at all so i decided to flash it.and also it seems my windows pc 8.1 is not recongnizing the phone when i connect it via usb malfunctioned and windows could not recongnize it..pls i really need help..thanks.

      1. Dude,
        thanks for the effort to explain how to unpack .zip BUT if you not gonna help with proper explanation then you just freaking wasted everybody’s time to scroll and read all this…Everyone knows how to unpack the zip file but what to do with all the files afterwards is a bit trickier..

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