How To Unbrick LG Leon

For those of you who may soft-brick your LG Leon (soft-brick is when you are stuck in a bootloop), want to return your phone back for warranty, or simply want to return back to 100% stock, here’s a step-by-step tutorial you can use.

If you just bricked your LG Leon, then you’ve come to right place, we’ll help you to unbrick your LG Leon in few minutes. We recommend you to first read all the steps very carefully and then only perform on your device. Or if you are completely new to these, we recommend to you take help from your friend to perform this or go to service centre.

Disclaimer : Follow the given below procedure at your own risk. I would not be held responsible for any damage that occurs to your phone, in case you do not follow the procedure properly.


  1. LG Driver
  2. LG Flash Tool
  3. LG Firmware
    Replacing yourimei with your LG Phone’s actual imei (just numbers, nothing else), it’ll spit out a bunch of text including an address with the kdz firmware.
    firmware lg

How To Flashing LG Leon

  1. Install the LG Driver onto your computer, then reboot.
  2. Extract the LG Tools FOLDER to your DESKTOP.
  3. Put device in download mode by powering off completely. Then, while the phone is still off, hold the “Volume UP” button for 2-3 seconds and insert the USB wire (make sure the USB is connected to your desktop/laptop) until download mode screen appears.
  4. Run LG Flash Tool
  5. Once the LG Flash Tool is open, leave (or select) “Select Type” As “3GQCT“.
  6. Change “PhoneMode” to “EMERGENCY“.
  7. Click the folder icon to browse your computer and select the “firmware .kdz” file.
  8. Click on Normal Flash
  9. Click on the Start button.
  10. Click on “Clear Update Registry“.
  11. For “Country” select “Different Country
  12. For “Language” select “English” (or whatever language you use).
  13. Click okay and wait for the LG Mobile Support tool to recognize the device. It takes a minute or two but the tool will recognize it. The software starts the extraction and re-boots at %100. Don’t click on anything, just wait for your device to reboot, then you can remove USB cable. Your device will boot normally, and the it is no longer stuck in a boot loop. Your userdata will not be deleted.