How To Install Lineage OS 14.1 ROM ZTE Axon 7

How To Install Lineage OS 14.1 ROM ZTE Axon 7 1
Now the team behind CM which came together to form LineageOS has brought out the LineageOS 14.1 official stable build that brings Android 7.1.1 to the ZTE AXON 7. If you are still on the Axon 7 and in no mood to change it for a new device but want the taste the Nougat, this may be your best bet.

Custom ROMs installation can be harmful in certain cases especially when the users in unaware of how to flash correctly. Droidbeep is not responsible for any damage or loss caused to your Axon 7 in this regard. The latest build is however, a stable build compared to nightly or experimental builds.


  1. This ROM will not work on devices that have not installed the N Bootloader and approriate Modem package below. You must have an unlocked bootloader as well! Failure to do so could lead to an unrecoverable bricked device.
  2. Though installing custom ROM improves the device’s performance and UI experiences, it makes the company warranty void and they will no longer be liable to provide updates in future (users can restore warranty by flashing the device with stock-ROM).
  3. Make sure the device is rooted and install TWRP before going for custom ROM installation.
  4. Make sure your device has more than 60 percent battery, or else there is chance of smartphone getting temporarily bricked if the installation process is interrupted in the mid-way.

How To Install LineageOS ROM Android 7.1.2 On ZTE Axon 7

  1. Download LineageOS ROM Android 7.1.2 On ZTE Axon 7 and Google Apps ( check : ARM64, 7.1, nano ) on to your PC.
  2. Connect Axon 7 to the computer
  3. Place the Lineage OS into the phone’s storage memory.
  4. Enter To TWRP mode
  5. Once entering the TWRP settings menu, clear the phone’s memory (full) by selecting ‘Wipe‘ option. Once done, select – ‘Swipe to Factory Reset‘ perform factory reset
  6. Return to TWRP settings and tap ‘Install‘ by the selecting .Zip file in the phone’s memory downloaded from PC
  7. Come back to TWRP menu setting to approve the installation by tapping ‘Swipe to Confirm Flash
  8. Flashing of the custom ROM begins and after few minutes, a message ‘Successful‘ appears on the screen, thus completing installation.

Now, your device ZTE AXON 7 will take a few minutes to complete the booting process.
Users then head to Settings >> select About phone to confirm the installation of Lineage OS Android 7.1.2 Nougat custom ROM.