Root Huawei Honor 6 H60-L04 Without PC

Rooting the Honor 6 is very simple. You don’t even need to download any files. Simply follow the link below to install Kingroot directly on your phone. To check that the phone has been correctly rooted, use the Root Checker app. You can also use this to verify whether your phone is rooted if you’re not sure.

When you install apps from the Google Play Store without root access, you are limited to installing only the apps that do not say “root required” on them. Those applications you sometimes see which say “root required” are referring to getting access to the root file system to work.

Please remember that rooting your Huawei Honor 6 will render your device warrant void, otherwise valid up to a year. We recommend you to take a backup of your entire system because during rooting you’ll lose all the data stored in the smartphone.

HOW TO ROOT Huawei Honor 6 H60-L04 Android 4.4.2 WITH THE KINGROOT APP

  1. Enable Unknown Sources on your Honor 6 smartphone by turning it on and tapping Settings > Security > and checking the box for Unknown Sources.
  2. Download the KingRoot 4.8.0 and install the KingRoot APK.
  3. Once you have installed the KingRoot APK, open the app from the app drawer where you normally find your new applications.
  4. Tap on the large button that suggest rooting your device, usually with the words “Try To Root” or “Start To Root”.
  5. The KingRoot tool will now work its magic and root the Huawei Ascend G760. Wait until you get the success notification and the progress bar reaches 100%.
  6. You should see a big green check mark when completed. This means that the Honor 6 is now rooted.

Now you can regain control of your Google account and start installing the root-requiring applications you have been waiting to test out. You can find many of those same applications available from the Google Play Store.