Recovery & Fastboot Stable ROM Redmi Note 7 Pro (Violet)

Download Redmi Note 7 Pro (Violet) official MIUI ROM Fastboot and Recovery MIUI 10 or MIUI 11 Android 9.0 Pie. Redmi Note 7 Pro features a bezel-less 6.3-inch display, which boasts a screen resolution of 1080 x 2340 pixels. It results in a pixel density of 409 PPI and the display technology of it is IPS LCD that provides a decent visual experience. It has a Corning Gorilla Glass v5 placed on the top of the screen that protects it from minor collisions.

Under the hood, there is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 675 chipset that handles the overall performance of the system. There are two Kryo 460 quad-core processors that offer a smooth performance. Redmi Note 7 Pro further has an 6GB RAM that provides a good multitasking experience. In addition, an Adreno 612 GPU answers all the graphical requirements of the system.

The device is armed with a dual primary camera setup having 48MP and 5MP. These can click mesmerizing images along with the continuous shooting and HDR mode. The smartphone can shoot 4k videos with a speed of 30 fps. On the other hand, there is a 13MP front lens that can record full HD videos at 30 fps speed.

Recovery ROM Redmi Note 7 PRO (Violet)

If you want to normally update your Redmi Note 7 Pro then you should choose Recovery ROM. There is no question why you choose Recovery ROM. Because through the help of recovery ROM you can easily update MIUI. Just download the recovery ROM and open Updater app and give the ROM path for manual update. After some process, you are on new updated MIUI version.

MIUI 11 V11.0.8.0IndiaAndroid 9.0 Pie2.0GB
MIUI 11 V11.0.8.0ChinaAndroid 9.0 Pie2.0GB
MIUI 11 V11.0.6.0IndiaAndroid 9.0 Pie1.9GB
MIUI 11 V11.0.4.0ChinaAndroid 9.0 Pie2.0GB
MIUI 11 V11.0.5.0IndiaAndroid 9.0 Pie1.9GB
MIUI 11 V11.0.3.0ChinaAndroid 9.0 Pie2.0GB
MIUI 10 V10.3.11.0ChinaAndroid 9.0 Pie1.8GB
MIUI 10 V10.3.13.0IndiaAndroid 9.0 Pie1.8GB
MIUI 10 V10.3.10.0ChinaAndroid 9.0 Pie1.9GB
MIUI 10 V10.3.12.0IndiaAndroid 9.0 Pie1.8GB
MIUI 10 V10.3.9.0ChinaAndroid 9.0 Pie1.9GB
MIUI 10 V10.3.10.0IndiaAndroid 9.0 Pie1.8GB
MIUI 10 V10.3.8.0ChinaAndroid 9.0 Pie1.9GB
MIUI 10 V10.3.6.0ChinaAndroid 9.0 Pie1.9GB
MIUI 10 V10.3.9.0IndiaAndroid 9.0 Pie1.8GB
MIUI 10 V10.3.7.0IndiaAndroid 9.0 Pie1.8GB
MIUI 10 V10.3.5.0IndiaAndroid 9.0 Pie1.8GB
MIUI 10 V10.3.5.0ChinaAndroid 9.0 Pie1.9GB
MIUI 10 V10.2.10.0IndiaAndroid 9.0 Pie1.8GB
MIUI 10 V10.2.8.0ChinaAndroid 9.0 Pie1.9GB
MIUI 10 V10.2.8.0IndiaAndroid 9.0 Pie1.8GB
MIUI 10 V10.2.6.0ChinaAndroid 9.0 Pie1.9GB
MIUI 10 V10.2.5.0ChinaAndroid 9.0 Pie1.8GB
MIUI 10 V10.2.7.0IndiaAndroid 9.0 Pie1.7GB
MIUI 10 V10.2.6.0IndiaAndroid 9.0 Pie1.7GB

ROM Fastboot Redmi Note 7 (Violet)

These ROMs only helpful when your Redmi Note 7 Pro is soft brick or hard brick. Your Xiaomi device sometimes stuck at Mi logo. because of wrong ROM installation. you face bootloop in your device. in all these cases Fastboot ROM helpful for us. You need a Computer/Laptop to flash Fastboot ROMs in your Redmi Note 7 PRO codename Violet.

MIUI 11 V11.0.8.0ChinaAndroid 9.0 Pie2.7GB
MIUI 11 V11.0.8.0IndiaAndroid 9.0 Pie2.6GB
MIUI 11 V11.0.6.0IndiaAndroid 9.0 Pie2.7GB
MIUI 11 V11.0.4.0ChinaAndroid 9.0 Pie2.7GB
MIUI 11 V11.0.5.0IndiaAndroid 9.0 Pie2.6GB
MIUI 11 V11.0.3.0ChinaAndroid 9.0 Pie2.7GB
MIUI 10 V10.3.11.0ChinaAndroid 9.0 Pie2.4GB
MIUI 10 V10.3.13.0IndiaAndroid 9.0 Pie2.4GB
MIUI 10 V10.3.10.0ChinaAndroid 9.0 Pie2.3GB
MIUI 10 V10.3.12.0IndiaAndroid 9.0 Pie2.4GB
MIUI 10 V10.3.9.0ChinaAndroid 9.0 Pie2.3GB
MIUI 10 V10.3.10.0IndiaAndroid 9.0 Pie2.3GB
MIUI 10 V10.3.8.0ChinaAndroid 9.0 Pie2.3GB
MIUI 10 V10.3.6.0ChinaAndroid 9.0 Pie2.3GB
MIUI 10 V10.3.7.0IndiaAndroid 9.0 Pie2.3GB
MIUI 10 V10.3.5.0IndiaAndroid 9.0 Pie2.4GB
MIUI 10 V10.3.5.0ChinaAndroid 9.0 Pie2.4GB
MIUI 10 V10.2.10.0IndiaAndroid 9.0 Pie2.3GB
MIUI 10 V10.2.8.0ChinaAndroid 9.0 Pie2.3GB
MIUI 10 V10.2.8.0IndiaAndroid 9.0 Pie2.3GB
MIUI 10 V10.2.6.0ChinaAndroid 9.0 Pie2.3GB
MIUI 10 V10.2.5.0ChinaAndroid 9.0 Pie2.3GB
MIUI 10 V10.2.7.0IndiaAndroid 9.0 Pie2.2GB
MIUI 10 V10.2.6.0IndiaAndroid 9.0 Pie2.2GB

Download latest MIUI Global Stable Fastboot and Recovery ROM for Redmi Note 7 Pro and flash it. Comment below if you have any doubts.