How to change status bar Xiaomi to iPhone without App

As we know, the iPhone is still a dream phone for many people. Because the price is expensive, the iPhone is a phone that has the highest value among other smartphones. Many Android users want to change the appearance of their smartphone to be like an iPhone. Starting from the front screen display, the icons, … Read more

How to Lock Recent Apps on Xiaomi MIUI 11

In the Xiaomi navigation bar there are several menus, namely home, back and recent apps. The home button is used for us to return to the home page of our phone, the back button is used to return to the previous menu and the recent apps button functions to view a set of apps that … Read more

How to Lock Xiaomi MIUI 12 Recent Apps

On the navigation buttons on Android phones, especially on Xiaomi phones, there are several buttons that we can use, such as the home button to return to the main page of our smartphone, the back button to return to the previous page on our phone and the recent app button. We usually use the recent … Read more

Recommended IOS Themes for Latest Xiaomi MIUI 11

After updating to MIUI 11, not all themes can be applied, including the IOS theme. Previously in MIUI 10, there were lots of cool IOS themes for Xiaomi smartphones that could be used. After some time of waiting finally now you can find some cool IOS Xiaomi MIUI 11 themes from the Xiaomi theme store … Read more