How To Disable/Remove Lenovo Security On Lenovo Smartphone

The Lenovo Security, which is integrated within many Lenovo smartphones should help the user to protect your phone from viruses, spam and malware. However, this feature is not used by any smartphone user, which is why we tell you now how to disable the Lenovo Security.


The Lenovo security application has tools such as a privacy guard, an anti-spam tool, a speed-up tool and a build-in anti-virus tool. All of the tools are available once you open the application, at which time you can choose what to run.

You can also choose to run a checkup, which will let you know the current status of your phone. After the check-up you can choose to optimize your phone according to SECUREit’s recommendations to make it run smoother and faster.

Disabling this apps mean they won’t be running in the background all the time without your permission. It also means they won’t eat up unnecessary RAM and battery.

You need a root access file browser installed on your Android phone to delete system apps. The most popular app for this purpose is called Root Explorer. Fortunately, there are free alternatives available and the one we’ll be using is called Root Browser. You can install it for free from the Play Store.

How To Disable/Remove Lenovo Security
Rename LenovoSafeCenter.apk to LenovoSafeCenter.apk.bak
Rename LenovoSafeBox.apk to LenovoSafeBox.apk.bak
Rename libnac.dat to libnac.dat.bak
Restart your phone

If You phone appeared a message to the screen “security problem
You just need to copy and paste below line into the build prop
After this, save build prop and reboot your phone.

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10 thoughts on “How To Disable/Remove Lenovo Security On Lenovo Smartphone”

  1. I have lenovo s820 smart phone. My phone is Screen lock after rom update. naw Screen tuch not working. just Anti_Tapping .,
    how can fixed ?

  2. My lenevo security antivirus has expired and it asks me to pay for further assistance. Now I want to try 360 security. But uninstalling or removing security will cause any harm?

    1. I’ve uninstalled the build in security app app and installed the 360 for some time now in lenovo a936 and no issues so far.

  3. I have lenovo A319 smart phone. My phone is lock after change sim card. Now ask privacy password. After insert my sim card send only text message in Chinese language not any password on register mobile number. Now how can I restart my phone. Pls help.

    1. U r activate anti theft from security antivirus. R u remember the password which u r set that time. If yes u give that pasword when u changing another sim.
      OR if u not remember anti theft password
      Then another step

    2. Remove battery and again place the battery in mobile
      1. press power button and up volume button at a time, after some time ur mobile is vabrate, u leave both button front u 3option, u select 2nd option by using up volume key and OK by using down volume button
      3.and then infront u 8option u select reset option by using up volume key and then press down volume key and wait 5minute ur mobile is erase all password and pattern lock.

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